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KidS Nursery

KidS Nursery

KSI KidS is a nursery located within KSI Bogota, for children age 2 to 5 years old. The unique programme nurtures each child to achieve his or her full potential. KSI KidS is a therapy preventive nursery that promotes a happy, nurturing and safe environment where children can have fun, explore, interact, socialise, and learn through play, the arts, music and movement. 

The nursery follows the belief that the foundation for all learning is happiness and works hard at nurturing this in every way.

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Our Five Pillars

At KSI Kids children are taught basic skills through our 5 fun pillars of self-expression that are our key to a therapy preventive education.

Language and Mathematics through Science

This program is aimed at developing motor skills, pre-mathematics skills, socialisation, phonological awareness and language with a structured school readiness curriculum. This pillar is taught by an Educator and a Speech Therapist. 

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is the unique application of music to support a child’s personal learning. It is an allied health profession utilising music as a tool to encourage development in social, emotional and cognitive skills as well as improve perceptual-motor skills.

This pillar is taught by an Educator, a Psychologist and Musician who holds a master’s degree in Music Therapy.

Art Therapy

Through creating art and reflecting on the art products and processes, children will have the opportunity to express themselves, increase their self-awareness and enhance their cognitive abilities. This is achieved whilst children enjoy art.

This pillar will be taught by an Educator, a Psychologist, and an Artists who holds a master’s degree in Art Therapy.

Movement Therapy

Focuses on developing social skills & emotional literacy. It includes dance, movement, gymnastics, music, play and body awareness activities in a fun supervised activity based group.

This pillar is taught by an Educator and Occupational Therapist who holds a specialisation in Sensory Integration.

Floor time

The DIR®/Floortime™ model is a powerful tool that promotes healthy development in every child. Floor time in the classroom provides a new perspective on playtime in the classroom. The approach recognises that children learn valuable skills as they play.

The Floor time methodology helps lay the foundation for academics by teaching skills which include interactions, following directions, problem solving, focusing on a task, recognising patterns, orienting themselves in space and coordinating actions with intentions. 

This pillar is taught by an Educator and a Clinical Psychologist who holds a certification in DIR®/Floortime™.

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