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KSI schools provide a warm, supportive environment which enables each learner to be healthy, safe, engaged, and challenged. Class sizes are small so that students are known by all members of staff and they feel comfortable to approach any staff member should they need to do so. KSI Bogota has a full time school counsellor to address counselling concerns.

LIFE Classes

Students in Reception - Year 11 receive LIFE (Learning about Interactions, Feelings and Emotions) classes once per cycle. LIFE classes are a collaborative effort among homeroom teachers, school administrators, and the school counselor. Because class sizes are small and LIFE classes are a collaborative effort of multiple staff members, this allows the school to be very receptive and agile when it comes to taking preventative steps to address important social and emotional issues with our students.


The interaction among teachers and students within a group is essential. When students are well-adjusted, collaborate well, and have a positive and healthy relationship with one another as well as their teachers, this creates an atmosphere that promotes stronger learning outcomes. In addition to LIFE classes, students in all grade levels and groups participate in regular convivencia activities. Convivencia activities are usually whole-day activities in which students and teachers alike participate and work on teamwork skills and further strengthen their bond, so that these connections and skills can be translated into the classroom.

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