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Online Learning

A Distance Learning Plan has been prepared to effectively deliver lessons to our students from R-Y13, with varying needs and abilities, using dynamic and relevant activities, as they would in class, at school. We are keeping the same schedule as with face-to-face classes. Classes start at 7:30 a.m. and end at 2:30 p.m.

We have worked to organise and prepare this process across all of our three programmes and established unique processes for each. 

Our Learning Plan addresses the following scenario:

  • Asynchronous learning to ensure the opportunity to learn for all students in all time zones;
  • Synchronous engagements to support learning and socio-emotional well-being of students through real-time engagements;
  • Limited and/or variable online access to technology and internet for some students;
  • Extended flexible timeline for Distance Learning delivery (at least, if not more than two weeks); 
  • A commitment to monitoring and improvement of this plan and the student experience during the time of its implementation.

Our Online Platforms support both Distance Learning and faculty/student/family collaboration to ensure a quality learning experience for our students when planning and delivering remotely:

  • KSIB email, Managebac, Skype (individual Meetings), Google Hangouts Meeting (whole class or group Hangouts Meetings) and Google Classroom are the communication tools used to contact and communicate with KSIB students
  • Google Hangouts Meeting, Skype, and Google Suite (e.g., email, shared docs, etc) are faculty online collaboration platforms for remote instructional planning.


For more information, visit our Online Learning Information Hub.


Taking into account that this transition to online learning has generated multiple questions, we put together a list of responses to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions. ​

For families interested in the school, we are offering a virtual tour and admission process.  
To schedule a virtual appointment with the Admissions office, please click here.


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