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Love and Friendship Day

News Type:  Academic Date:  Friday, September 14, 2018

KSIB celebrated Love and Friendship Day on Friday, September 14. Students participated in various activities in their homeroom classes such as a secret gift exchange, playing board games, making cards, and more. Students also had the opportunity through the week to purchase chocolates, balloons, roses, and serenades for delivery by Year 13 students Friday afternoon. This was a great opportunity for our community to express their friendship and head into the weekend!


IB Visual Arts Exhibition

News Type:  Academic Date:  Thursday, March 8, 2018

On 28 February, we held our IB visual arts exhibition displaying artwork from Year 13, Diploma Programme students. We had 17 students contribute with a total of 187 artworks on display. Pieces were collected over the last two years, showcasing different techniques with each piece conveying different emotions and artistic style. Attendees at the event included the exhibitors, students, parents, friends, staff and special guests.

We are grateful to each and every student that was involved in this exhibition, we applaud them for producing inspiring art that is truly unique. 

Environmental Education Field-trip KSIB

News Type:  Academic Date:  Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The 27th of September  some members of the Environmental Education Project - PRAE of the KSIB attended the "Encuentro de Comites Ambientales de Suba". During this meeting, we took a look at different environmental projects of several schools, located in Suba, which are aligned to the main aims of the PRAE, that are related to promote consciousness towards environmental problems that are generated at local, regional, national and worldwide scales as well as proposing sustainable solutions that contribute to conserve healthy ecosystems for our future generations. 

El Miercoles 27 de Septiembre asistimos al Encuentro de Comites Ambientales de Suba con miembros del Proyecto Ambiental Educativo - PRAE del KSI. Este este encuentro nos permitio conocer los diferentes proyectos ambientales de algunos colegios de la localidad de Suba que estan alineados con los objetivos del PRAE, los cuales son generar conciencia de los problemas medio ambientales a nivel local, regional, nacional y mundial, asi como sugerir soluciones validas que permitan conservar ecosistemas sanos para nuestras futuras generaciones. 

Year 6 summative for Growing Pains

News Type:  Academic Date:  Thursday, September 28, 2017

During this Friday morning Year 6 had their summative presentation for Our Unit of Inquiry called Growing Pains . Our central Idea was : "Changes we experience at different stages of lives affect our sense of self". Parents, teachers and students passed by to hear each presentation. Congratulations Year 6 and Mr. Higgins on the excellent outcome!


KSI English Language Camp - London 2017

News Type:  Academic Date:  Monday, August 7, 2017

This year our students from KSI Bogota and KSI Panama took part in the KSI English Language Camp in London, United Kingdom. 

The group spent three weeks in London where they stayed on campus at Greenwich and participated in English lessons in the mornings and in the afternoons visited cultural sites around London and neighbouring cities. Highlights of the programme included a walking tour of London, visiting the Museum of Natural History, St Paul's Cathedral, Borough Market and day trips to Cambridge, Oxford and Brighton.

Students returned home gaining independence, confidence and have built new friendships with students around the world.

Learn more about KSI Camp


Graduating Class 2017

News Type:  Academic Date:  Thursday, June 1, 2017

Congratulations to our 2017 group of graduates!

KSI Bogota was delighted to see our students graduate on Friday 2nd June 2017. The ceremony was held at the school auditorium followed by a reception. Special guest speaker Manuel Jose Restrepo, Director from the University of El Rosario's attended the ceremony and delivered an inspiring speech, encouraging students to embrace the next chapter in their lives, striving to be the best they can. 


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