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The return to school and the importance of socio-emotional learning

News Type:  Academic Date:  Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The return to school and the importance of socio-emotional learning

After six weeks of vacation, children always find it a challenge to return to the classroom and get back into the school routine. Vacations give students a chance to unwind, relax and refuel before the start of the new year, however the thought of the return to school presents some children with apprehension, particularly if it’s joining a new school or moving to a new country.

Considering a child’s socio-emotional needs is so important today and that’s why teachers at KSI Bogota actively encourage open conversations about emotional development, supporting students to recognise what they are feeling and how they can articulate it and express their feelings better.

The pandemic has prevented children being able to socialise with peers as freely as they used to, so we want to support children develop relationship skills and see them form positive interactions.

Supporting good communication is key and teachers are encouraged to lead by example. By sharing their feelings and asking students how they are feeling prompts honest discussions in circle time and during role play scenarios. Praising good communication, maintaining eye contact and listening as the students voice their concerns, encourage children to open up.

KSI Bogota recognises there is a positive correlation between a child’s socio-emotional wellbeing and their academic achievement. For this reason, they remain so committed to this philosophy and have established a reputation for educating happy, well-rounded global citizens. Its recent reaccreditation by Great Place to Study confirms this and it looks forward to welcoming students back on 18 August 2021.

How to stimulate the brain for better learning?

News Type:  Academic Date:  Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Neuroscience has advanced in understanding how the brain works, allowing educators and parents to focus our energy and ensure better student learning.

Aligned with this avant-garde approach, Knightsbridge Schools International, KSI Bogota develops different lines of action that allow us to enrich each training space, we have a school neuropsychologist to strengthen the teaching methodologies of the teachers, to accompany to students and families in their individual process, taking into account advances that integrate knowledge in education and advances in the brain-learning relationship.

We use a combination of training programs and student-centered methodologies that stimulate their brain by generating connections and associations between linguistic, constructive, motor, sensory, and affective areas, required in dynamic and effective learning processes.

We have the recognized international baccalaureate program, our LIFE program for affectivity and well-being, and the computational thinking program. We are a completely bilingual school and we develop mindfulness in our activities, which allows us to offer our students a wide variety and an adequate balance in their training process.

These lines of action described are developed under the premise that to strengthen learning it is essential that the process be fun, allowing the student to understand and relate learning to their reality, their questions and their curiosity. When the student manages to solve a problem on his own initiative, a feeling of happiness and the consequent secretion of dopamine are generated, due to the success achieved.
Learning is an emotional process and for this reason the reward generated by achievement is fundamental. When the student understands and can properly apply what they have learned, it activates the nucleus accumbens in the brain, which allows generating a sense of achievement and strengthening learning.

Likewise, permanently stimulating the creativity and curiosity of students facilitates the development of essential executive functions such as planning, making decisions, detecting errors, as well as the possibility of creating new ideas and changing habits.

For the development of skills, knowledge and habits it is important to ensure that the learning process comes through different sensory channels and that it involves the arts, sports and games. Contributions to cognitive development from the arts promote, among others, sequencing processes, expressive and emotional language, and cooperative work. From exercise and mindfulness, social skills, initiative, self-knowledge and self-management are promoted. Games and the neurotransmitters involved in them promote social and communication skills.

Neurological studies have shown the benefits of bilingualism for cognitive development by facilitating mental flexibility, memory enhancement, improved abstract thinking, increased concentration, ease of problem solving, and greater social understanding.

At KSI, the groups are small, which allows each student to inquire, propose topics of interest, participate actively and take ownership of their learning process. We provide our students with spaces for their academic, socio-emotional, sports, artistic and technological development. We are certified as a Great Place to Study school, that is, our students are happy, which guarantees an effective learning process.

We invite you to learn more about how we make the learning process fun in our conference on experiences of cognitive development from play and the arts, at Expo Educar Colegios, on June 12 at 10:45 in the morning. Find us at Yellow Pavilion from June 8 to 12.

Translated from the article in El Tiempo


Great Place to Study Reaccreditation

News Type:  Academic Date:  Tuesday, June 1, 2021 Tags:  Great Place to Study

KSI Bogotá awarded certification in happiness by Great Place to Study second year running 

Exceeding last year's results and obtaining a score of 4.23 out of 5, KSI Bogota has once again received the Great Place to Study certification, making them only one of four schools in Colombia to receive such an award. 

The Great Place to Study survey is completed by all members of the community, covering a diverse range of questions about campus life, culture, happiness, extra-curricular activities, institute infrastructure and learning experiences. The results are then averaged and an overall rating is given. 

The feedback from the survey will be reviewed and the School will continue to make enhancements and address any comments raised. 

Congratulations to the KSI Bogotá community for a great achievement!


Supporting your child with their transition to school from kindergarten

News Type:  Academic Date:  Wednesday, April 7, 2021 Tags:  reception preschool

One of the most significant steps for your child in the early years is starting school. The transition from kindergarten to preschool is a big change for them, particularly the longer days and structured routines that take place in reception. For transition to be successful, preparation and planning should begin early and parents should develop positive relationships with schools to facilitate the process.

Encourage independence

You can help children in preparing for school by encouraging independence, teach them how to remove their shoes and hang up their coats, feed themselves independently and tidy up after themselves. Ensure children are fully toilet trained and can wash their hands properly afterwards.


Talk to your child honestly about starting school and share your own/ siblings experiences with them, offering opportunities to share their feelings. Remember don’t overdo it as you want to get them comfortable about starting school but not feel anxious.


Encourage children to think about what the first day of school will be like, get them to role-play a typical day for example putting uniform on, saying goodbye, going to class, lining up for class, eating lunch and playing in the playground.

Actively seek out peers at the same school

It is very likely that other children at your child’s kindergarten will be going to the same school, actively introduce your child to these children and encourage them to build friendships. Having that familiar face at school might help your child feel more comfortable at their new school.

Manage the process of leaving nursery

It is hard to leave one chapter behind and say goodbye. Help your child manage their last day at nursery by building a scrapbook with photos of all their friends, key workers to remind them of their time at nursery.

World renowned mentors join students for Global Mentoring Webinar

News Type:  Academic Date:  Wednesday, April 7, 2021 Tags:  KSI Global Mentoring Programme

KSI Global Mentoring Programme attracts world renowned speakers

Back by popular demand, KSI is delighted to have launched the Global Mentoring Programme Webinars for 2021!

The 2021 series have attracted a line-up of five highly respected speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds including; fashion entrepreneur, TV presenter, architect, sustainable energy & shipping technology expert, writer & investor. These leading, high profile presenters share their journeys with students and answer their questions. 

The GMP webinar series are unique to KSI, giving students the opportunity to connect with leading professionals from around the world. These speakers serve as role models, helping students to select their future career paths. The KSI community have access to the webinars anytime if they wish to revisit the content. 

(Top left-right) Magoo Giles, Christina Seilern
(Bottom left-right) Dimitri Goulandris, Touker Suleyman

KSI Bogota receives A+ in ICFES

News Type:  Academic Date:  Thursday, March 4, 2021 Tags:  ICFES Results

KSI Bogota receives A+ the highest ICFES category

We are delighted with our students' performance as KSI Bogota, for the ninth year running we have scored the highest grade awarded by ICFES. This was a result of our students' performance in the Pruebas Saber ICFES [ICFES Knowledge Exams] which classify KSI Bogota amongst the prestigious group of schools, with the highest category granted by ICFES: A+. 

Our focus on academics and looking at the social and emotional wellbeing of a child have led to our students surpassing the worldwide average and earning a 29.4 IB Score. 

We are very proud of our students' achievements and continue to support them on their learning journey.

Scholarship Program Open

News Type:  Academic Date:  Tuesday, February 2, 2021 Tags:  schoalrships primary years

Anastasia Goulandris Scholarship Scheme 2021

KSI is proud to announce that the Anastasia Goulandris Foundation will be kindly donating 20 scholarships to eligible families who enrol at the KSI Primary School by 1 March 2021. The Anastasia Goulandris Foundation is committed to supporting children on their educational journey and will be subsidising 25% off Tuition Fees for the lifetime of the successful candidate. Students must uphold the KSI values, have good discipline and maintain their academic standards in accordance with the minimum terms of their scholarship.

To take advantage of the limited scholarship places available please complete the online Application Form and select the scholarship option, ensure all supporting documents are attached to your application. The Admissions Committee will then contact you to discuss your application further and advise you on the outcome of your application.

T&Cs: Scholarship applicable to new students, Reception - Year 6 only. Must enrol by 1 March 2021 for entry into academic year 2020/21 and 15 May 2021 for academic year 2021/22 places. Students must meet scholarship terms for eligibility. Scholarship students cannot claim any other offers on fees.

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KSI Bogotá Knightsbridge Schools International - School Certified by Great Place to Study - Los Mejores Colegios

News Type:  Academic Date:  Monday, November 25, 2019

On 12 November 2019 KSI was accredited by the Great Place To Study. A certification that recognizes schools with a strong positive culture and measures the overall happiness of students, staff and parents.


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