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Chat Network Guidelines

Chat Network Guidelines

Chat groups like Whatsapp can be a beneficial channel for topics related to the school program at the specific grade level for each of your children, along with the official channels such as the school broadcast and weekly newsletter. Please remember, however, that communication should always ensure the protection and respect of our students and community members. Chats must comply with the KSI Manual de Convivencia and be framed by the IB Learner Profile Trait of Caring.  Only academic and organizational issues should be addressed that have direct impact on our children and serve the interests of the chat group and community. All chats should be courteous, helpful, cordial, and respectful.

We advise parents to use the chat group only if necessary and to write brief and concise notes that avoid controversial or contentious issues. If the topic to be addressed is not in the interest of the whole group, please use your personal channels instead. We also recommend reading the KSI Parent Weekly email bulletin before asking for the same information through the chat group.

Please refrain from using the chat group for the following:

  • Addressing issues of politics, religion, controversial topics, or for sending jokes
  • Encouraging rumors, criticizing or spreading personal opinions about teachers,   students, or any other member of the school community
  • Establishing direct conversations with a single member of the group.
  • Discussing topics that might violate the ethical standards of our community
  • Selling products or services
  • Arranging "thank you" chains
  • Using the chat to RSVP for parties

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